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Cultural Wormhole Presents: Valiant Future Episode 1

In the premiere installment of Valiant Future, Adam Coumis and Paul Steven Brown take a look back at the Valiant comics that were published in November 2012.

Books in Review: Shadowman #1, Archer and Armstrong #4, Bloodshot #5, Harbinger #6, and X-O Manowar #7.

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Cultural Wormhole Presents: The Merc Report Episode 25

Spinning out of X-Nation, The Merc Report is your monthly review of the many Deadpool comic books published by Marvel Comics. This episode Corwin Crowl and Scott Bechtel are joined by special guest Eric Ratcliffe as they take you through the Month in Merc for October and early November 2012 as well as a stroll down memory lane in Past-o-Vision. 

Reviewed this episode: Deadpool #62, Deadpool #63, Avenging Spider-Man #13, Deadpool #1 and in Past-o-vision we have Deadpool #13.

Music by Jenki "Girls of Los Angeles"

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In this episode, we say good-bye to the Jonathan Hickman era of the Fantastic Four in the Month in F. Also, Rama-Tut is not impressed as we take look at a couple classic issues as we jump into Doctor Doom's Time Platform. 

Month in F - October 2012: Fantastic Four #611, FF #23, and Marvel Point One - FF Preview

Doctor Doom's Time Platform: Fantastic Four #19 and Fantastic Four #20

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Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 76

In this installment of X-Nation, we talk about the latest news in the X-Buzz and take look back at the Month in X for October 2012.

Month in X - October 2012 - Avengers Vs. X-Men #12, Uncanny X-Men #19, Uncanny X-Force #32, Wolverine #314, Wolverine and the X-Men #18, X-Men #37, X-Factor #245, Uncanny X-Men #20, AvX Consequences, Gambit #4, Wolverine #315, Astonishing X-Men #55, New Mutants #50, Wolverine and the X-Men #19, and X-Men Legacy #275.

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