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Cultural Wormhole Presents: Valiant Future Episode 10

In this episode of Valiant Future Adam, Joe, and Paul say "'Sup" with Archer and Armstrong, and go skateboarding with Kris and Torque in Harbinger. Plus, more book discussion and Valiant Entertainment news. Oh, and we have a contest!

Valiant Books in Review: Shadowman #9, Quantum and Woody #2, Archer and Armstrong #11, Archer and Armstrong #12, Harbinger Wars #4, Bloodshot #13, Harbinger #14, and Harbinger #15. 

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Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 89

In this Days of X-Men Past installment of X-Nation, Elizabeth and Paul wrap up the end of an era with a look at Grant Morrison's last issue of New X-Men. Plus, they discuss seven more "classic" issues from the last decade.

Days of X-Men Past - X-Treme X-Men #43, X-Treme X-Men #44, Emma Frost #9, Mystique #12, New Mutants #12, New X-Men #154, Uncanny X-Men #441, and Uncanny X-Men #442.

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Cultural Wormhole Presents: FF Wormhole Episode 18

It's a pool party as Antony and Paul splash around the Month in F for July 2013! Plus, they dive into two more classic Fantastic Four issues in Doctor Doom's Time Platform!

Month in F - July 2013 - Fantastic Four #10, FF # 9, and FF #10.

Doctor Doom's Time Platform - Fantastic Four #32 and Fantastic Four #33.

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Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 88

Antony, Elizabeth, and Paul celebrate five years of X-Nation awesomeness with a discussion of the Wolverine file, the latest X-Buzz from SDCC, plus a look back at the Month of X for July 2013. Good times never seemed so good! (To avoid spoilers of the film, you can skip over from 10:00 - 17:44 of the episode.)

Month in X - July 2013 - Uncanny X-Force #8, Uncanny X-Force #9, Cable and X-Force #11, X-Factor #259, X-Men Legacy #13, X-Men Legacy #14, Gambit #15, Savage Wolverine #7, Wolverine #6, Wolverine #7, Astonishing X-Men #64, X-Men #3, Wolverine and the X-Men #33, All New X-Men #14, Uncanny X-Men #8, and Uncanny X-Men #9.

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