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Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 133

In X-Nation Episode 133, IVX heats up and crosses over with the main X-Men books. Antony and Paul also catch up with what's happening in the two Wolverine series. Plus, they announce some programming changes for the future of Cultural Wormhole.

Month in X - January 2017 - Old Man Logan #16, All-New Wolverine #16, IVX #2, Uncanny X-Men #17, All-New X-Men #17, Extraordinary X-Men #18, and IVX #3. 

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Cultural Wormhole Present: Avengers Now! Episode 43

We've FINALLY reached the end of Civil War II. Antony and Paul discuss it's conclusion as well as the Avengers books that came out in the past month, including U.S. Avengers #1!

Avengers Now! - Civil War II #8, Avengers #2.1, Uncanny Avengers #17 - 19, Squadron Supreme #14, Occupy Avengers #2 - 3, Ultimates 2 #2, Avengers #3, Champions #4, and U.S. Avengers #1.

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Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 132

Hot on the heels of Death of X, IVX has arrived! Antony and Paul discuss the latest X-Men event (now with even more Inhumans!), as well as its respective tie-in issues. Plus, they have a look at the rest of the Month in X for December 2016 and even find time for a Year in X look-back.

Month in X - December 2016 - Old Man Logan #15, All-New Wolverine #15, All-New X-Men #16, IVX #1, Uncanny X-Men #17, and Extraordinary X-Men #16. 

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