Cultural Wormhole

David and Paul are back to review the latest Star Wars comics from Marvel Entertainment. They discuss the detailed art of Darth Maul, the awesomeness of Terex in Poe Dameron, Doctor Aphra's moral ambiguity, and try to figure out whatever the hell is going on in Star Wars with Yoda.

Star Wars Issues - Darth Maul #2, Poe Dameron #11 & 12, Doctor Aphra #4 & 5, and Star Wars #28 & 30.

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In this episode of X-Nation, Antony and Paul say "good-bye" to IVX and the post-Secret Wars era and say "hello" to X-Men Prime. Plus, they'll look at the rest of the fallout in the Month in X for March 2017.

Month in X - March 2017 - Uncanny Avengers #21, U.S. Avengers #4, Champions #6, Old Man Logan #19 & 20, All-New Wolverine #18, IVX #6, Uncanny X-Men #19, Extraordinary X-Men #20, All-New X-Men #19, and  X-Men Prime #1.  

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