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The X-Men can't help but get sucked into an alternate timeline every half-decade or so. Since they are currently experiencing the Age of X-Man, we at X-Nation thought it would be a fun idea to take an extensive look at the first time the X-Men dealt with such a major upheaval: the Age of Apocalypse. We kick things off with a small crossover that lead into the that event: Legion Quest.

Age of X-Nation - Legion Quest

X-Factor #109
Uncanny X-Men #320
X-Men #40
Uncanny X-Men #321
Cable #20
X-Men #41
X-Men: Alpha #1

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In this episode of X-Nation, Paul and Antony kick off the new year by... killing all of the X-Men! Is this the price we have to pay for the return of Cyclops? Also, we take a look at the (sort of) cancellations of Domino and Iceman, the birth of the Age of X-Man, as well as the rest of the Month in X for January 2019.

Month in X - January 2019
Return of Wolverine #4
Dead Man Logan #3
Shatterstar #4
Domino #10
X-Force #2 (LGY #232)
Iceman #5
X-23 #8
Mr. & Mrs. X #7
Uncanny X-Men #8 - 10 (LGY #627 - 629)
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
Age of X-Man Alpha #1

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