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The Dawn of X continues on! Antony and Paul take a look at all things happening on and around Krakoa for the Month in X for December 2019. There's a discussion of the new X-Men books announced for March. Plus, they take a brief detour into looking back at the Year in X for 2019, as well as the Decade in X.

Month in X - December 2019
X-Men #3
Marauders #3 - 4
Excalibur #3 - 4
New Mutants #3 - 4
X-Force #3 - 4
Fallen Angels #3 - 4

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It finally happened... the end of the Skywalker Saga. In this episode David and Paul take a deep dive and discuss the latest Star Wars film - The Rise of Skywalker. There will be plenty of spoilers. Buckle up... this is gonna be long, intense ride.

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The Dawn of X is here! In this episodes of X-Nation, Antony and Paul discuss the newest happenings on Krakoa with a look at all of the new X-Men titles that came out in October and November.

Month(s) in X - October/November 2019
Old Man Logan #12
X-Men #1
Marauders #1
Excalibur #1
New Mutants #1
X-Force #1
Fallen Angels #1
X-Men #2
Marauders #2
Excalibur #2
New Mutants #2
X-Force #2
Fallen Angels #2

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